James Ryan

Videographer & Photographer

Originally from NW London and currently based in London, James grew up with a passion for motorsport attending race circuits all over the country with his father. This is where he first discovered his love of photography, being gifted his first SLR camera for his 12th birthday.

His largest passions in life include anything that gets him outdoors and experiencing new things. When not busy with work, James can be found taking photographs, traveling, modifying his car, and enjoying good food.

James started his professional videography & photography career at the age of 23 having just graduated from Bournemouth University with a degree in Law. He started working at Defected Records as an intern where he was introduced to the world of dance music. It was here he mastered the challenging art of nightclub shoots and honed his skills as a videographer.

He has since expanded his services to work within a wide variety of industries both shooting & editing promotional content as an individual and alongside creative directors as a camera operator.

Over the past years, James has grown his business by working with both small clients some of the UK’s largest companies. Some examples to name a few include Ministry of Sound, PA Media, Car & Away, Defected Records, James Read Tan, Funk Motorsport, Track Obsession, Street Feast London, EX1 Cosmetics etc.

As part of his service to his clients, James likes to bring his small community attitude to all of his work. At all times he maintains a professional, friendly and personal attitude. He regularly sends updates while editing and is available by phone or email at all times for changes during post-production as he recognises the unpredictable nature of creative work.